Price : $339.00
Brand : EHang

GHOST Drone Aerial 2.0

GHOST DRONE 2.0 AERIAL Ghost Drone Aerial is made from high tensile composite material with outstanding resistance to pressure and corrosion. The customized electronic speed controller, motors, and propellers come together to create a one-of a-kind dynamic flight system with superior balance. Its proprietary flight system enables precise control, including waypoints, following the user, even responding to accelerometer-based gestures. The Ghost Drone app receives real time data, showing a reference map of the user’s location, a launch point marker, and the current location of Ghost. Using 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth technology, the G-Box provides a connection between Ghost and a smartphone, enabling strong, stable connections at an effective range of up to 3,280 feet (1,000 m). If the connection is dropped or battery life is too low Ghost automatically returns to the launch point. The 3-axis gimbal provides stability for crystal clear photos and videos, pitch and yaw are easily adjustable to capture the perfect angle. Easy to Fly: One-click commands, adjust elevation and orientation by sliding bars on the screen, or use the microcontroller for precise control Travel Light: No need for bulky RC controllers, just bring Ghost, your smartphone and the small G-Box Wind/Water Resistant: Capable of flying in moderately windy and rainy weather Control: LED lights provide directional control and visibility at night Flight Time: High efficiency brushless motors provide up to 20 minutes with a gimbal and camera attached Rapid Charge: Battery takes 60 minutes or less to fully charge Set contains: Aircraft body (1) Propellers (4) Propeller Guards (4) Gimbal (1) Landing Gear (2) Battery (1) Battery Charger (1) G-Box (1 USB Charging Cable (1) Screws (15) Screwdriver (1) Wrench (1) User Manual Quick Start Guide


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